1530 Swift's power includes:

Three Types of Power

We offer utility power, generator power, and backup power

Diverse Substation Feeds

The facility is fed at 13,200v from both the Avondale Substation to the North East and the NKC Substation to the south

Dedicated Substation Breakers and Conductors

The facility has dedicated breakers at the NKC substation and is fed with dedicated power lines

Evergy Tier 1 Customer

We are one of our utility company's largest customers and are given the same priority handling as government and emergency services

Redundant Backup Generators

7 backup generators totaling 13MW. Fully 2N redundant

Redundant A/B/C/D Power

We can supply rack power from separate, isolated utility feeds from multiple substations

13200V Primary Power. 20MW Available

Power can be supplied to the rack at 13200v, 480v, 277v, 208v and 120v with 20MW available to the building

Onsite Fuel Supply

35,000 gallons of diesel onsite

UPS Systems

Each room is backed up to 110% of capacity at 2N redundancy