Frequently Asked Questions

New to colocation? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions to help you get started.


Do you charge for power overages?

We provision power at the breaker based on the customer's commited amperage. If a customer exceeds that capacity, the breaker will trip.

What are the dimentions of your cabinets?

Cabinet sizes vary by room but typically are standard 19" racks that are 42U high and 36 inches deep.

Are you carrier neutral?

While we do sell an IP transit product, you are free to use any provider you choose.

Do you have hot and cold isles?

Yes. Our facility is based on a traditional raised floor design with hot and cold isle seperation.

Do you offer remote hands?

Yes, learn more about what we offer here.

Do you give tours?

Of course! Fill out the form on the contact page and someone will contact you to make arrangements.


Do you have diverse fiber entries?

Yes. There are 6 fiber entry points to our DC.

Do you charge for cross connects?

Every cabinet includes 12 cross connects free of charge. Additional cross connects are a $100 non-recurring charge.

What fiber and connectors are provided to the MMR?

Single mode with LC connectors.

Do you offer copper handoffs?

All of our infrastructure is single mode fiber. If you need copper we would suggest using a media converter.


What is peering?

Peering is when two networks agree to connect directly to eachother for the purpose of exchanging thier routes and the routes of thier customers.

What is "Settlement Free" Peering?

Settlement free peering is a peering agreement in which neither party pays the other for traffic.